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Nature in Mind

Mindfulness and Ecopsychology courses and groups that bring you closer to your own nature

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An introduction to Nature in Mind and Ecopsychology
One and a half hour group session for newcomers to learn and develop the fundamentals of Nature Connection and Mindfulness


 The hour will be an introductory session and will consist of some Education and Theory on Mindfulness, Nature connection and ecopsychology followed by Guided Mindfulness Practices and some gentle movement. All with time to reflect and discuss as a group.

  • All practices will be available for you to access at a later date

  • You will need clothing for the weather on the day as some of the session will be outside

  • We will be some movement as well and I would suggest loose(er) clothing



Nature in Mind
One day


This one-day workshop will introduce some key principles and practices of Mindful Nature connection and ecopsychology. We will be alternating our time spent outside and being indoors. We will explore the following together;

  • What is Ecopsychology? Introducing the background and a framework of ecopsychology and of the relationship this field has with our current times.

  • How do we experientially connect with nature using mindfulness? Multiple practices, led by Lee, throughout the day that will enable this connection

  • You will learn the Key principles and methods of mindful nature connection such as; staying curious, just being, anchoring, trusting, allowing what is here, sensing wonder

  • Mindful wandering: giving ourselves permission to be present in Nature while developing the intention to pay attention, with all the attitudes of mindfulness as we walk slowly or sit.

  • Expanding awareness: making the connection between our inner wellbeing and that of the world around us.

  • Reflecting and connecting as a group.


The day will include periods of silence, as well as guided mindfulness, traditional teaching, nature connection practices, poetry readings, and group reflection.


No previous experience of ecopsychology or mindfulness required.

Nature in Mind six week course

6 week Mindfulness and Ecopsychology course developed from evidence based practices and background

"To wake up to our own nature"

This course consists of six weekly sessions which are held in various premises, including outside. Each session lasts for two hours. You will learn all of the principle mindfulness meditation techniques as well as practices to bring mindfulness into any aspect of daily life. You will be given clear guidance for practicing mindfulness and integrating it into your life so that after the six weeks you will have established a solid understanding of mindfulness and experienced the multiple benefits it offers for yourself.


Nature in Mind
Half Day


A 3 Hour Mindfulness and Nature connection group

An immersive experience of Nature and Mindfulness that will give you the time to deepen you understanding of yourself and of your interaction with the natural world 

You will be guided in your own nature with Mindfulness practices that may include Sitting, Lying down, Gentle movement (Qui-Gong) and Walking. 

This morning will give you the time that you need to reflect and discuss your experiences in a compassionate and caring space

  • All practices will be available for you to access at a later date

  • Teas, Coffees, mats and cushions will all be provided

  • You will need clothing for the weather on the day as some of the session will be outside

  • As we will be moving (Qui-Gong) as well, I would suggest loose(er) clothing

Sunrise on Nature

Full day silent retreat

All day silent retreat in a nature based environment for those that have experienced mindfulness for beginners and/ or are experienced in Mindfulness 

Food provided by Vegan