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White Grass


"Lee will always have my praise. His knowledge and communication skills were eye-opening, I learnt so much in such a short space of time. In a way, I hope he doesn't branch out so I could easily be squeezed into his calendar for more sessions!"

"I have received Lee’s help twice ,once during Covid and also about 12 months ago , Lee listens and takes time to understand what you are going through . He helps you look at things from different perspectives and also to believe in yourself he gave me confidence to try different things and just to look at life in a more positive way ."

"Lee was not what I expected but he was brilliant. They way he was able to help me understand my feelings and emotions then also encourage me to push myself in my recovery"

"Lee has a fantastic way about him. He listens and without you realising, leaves markers during the conversation that, for me at least, hit me like a thunderbolt after we had finished a session and helped me make sense of what was troubling me - all with a wonderful sense of humour. I feel a better human being having met Lee Bennett."

"I'd highly recommend Lee's services to anyone who felt they needed it. I think if every business had a Lee there would be significantly fewer incidents of stress in the workplace."

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