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Mindfulness Skills for the Workplace




I Educate, guide consult and deliver numerous types of Mindfulness focussed Mental Health and Wellbeing interventions 

Over the last 16 years, some of what I have delivered;

  • Developed and established several Mental health/Wellbeing systems for staff as part of their business

  • Delivered numerous presentations/educations on various Mental health topics, in various settings and sectors

  • Provided advice/consultation to businesses and staff on the various topics of Mental Health/Wellbeing

  • Provided ongoing mentoring to staff/colleagues on the topic of Mental health/Wellbeing

  • Educate trainee nursing staff and colleagues on Mindfulness and Mental health

  • Delivered various Mindfulness Based Group interventions

  • Delivered  one to one interventions across all sectors for all people

I offer various types of Guidance and Consultation for you or your business on the areas of interaction between Mental health, Mindfulness and your workplace


I am able to clearly identify, create working plans and work with you or your staff in understanding the significance of wellbeing that plays out on a day to day basis.


This is all with the intention to increase wellness, productivity and in the end a noticeable connection to you and your work, that can contribute to you living and thriving in your own work and life.


Consultation and Services

Sandy Beach

Mindfulness skills for staff

Mindfulness based Interventions(MBIs) and bespoke, developed skills that all employees and staff can use as part of day-to-day workplace activities


Mindful Employer

Consultation bespoke to appropriate staff levels assisting in Mindfulness awareness, interventions and support measures. Also consultation on embedding Mindfulness skills within an established workplace framework or strategy

Mindfulness education bespoke to staff

Talks and Workshops

Sandy Beach

How to be unhappy

A 1 hour psychological exploration of the top 5 ways to be unhappy.

For 16 years as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist, Lee teaches and helps people to understand themselves and of how they interact with the world.

Using experience and humour, Lee will shine a light on some of the common psychological and behavioural traps and pitfalls we can be involved in, in trying to achieve perceived happiness


A Mindful employer

A 1 hour talk on the merits, pitfalls, challenges of becoming a Mindful employer. 

Using experience and skill, Lee will talk on the psychological and practical topics of becoming a Mindful employer and what it really means for you

Sandy Beach

Managing the psychology of change

A 1 hour talk on the psychology of change and of how this may impact the individual or the workplace. 

Lee, using all his experience as a Mental Health professional and of working within a variety of sectors, will talk on the inputs and outputs when change occurs within a workplace

I am really keen to discuss what might work for you and I will be able to adjust any training, groups or education to your needs. Contact me to discuss this further.

In a nutshell, what this all really means is that I run bespoke educational groups, facilitate Educational sessions and create opportunities to work with businesses, organisations and individuals to understand the psychological benefits of our Nature in our lives.