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Sandy Beach

Mindful Walks

Guided Walks in various locations around Jersey, designed to enhance your own nature and of your connection to the Natural world 


The West

The South

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About this walk:

To deepen your understanding of yourself and of your interaction with the natural world, and lead you in a mindful venture of the natural environment of St Ouen’s Bay.

Description: Together, you’ll explore the true wildness of the bay, and of yourself; how you can learn to reconnect by being with nature.
Duration: Approximately 2.00 hours long. Difficulty: Easy to Medium.
Where: Meet at the Frances Le Sueur Centre, Five Mile Road, St Ouen. Bus 22.

Please wear sensible footwear, such as trainers, as you’ll be walking over uneven paths. And also consider sustainable means of travel, either cycling or the bus. Bring snacks.

St Ouens bay Mindful Walk

The West

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Published podcast

Podcast made during lockdown with some trail runners from all backgrounds

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