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About Lee

My name is Lee Bennett and I believe in the natural world and of our connection to it. I believe that if we can observe this world mindfully, then we will live a deeper, more fulfilling life. 

I was raised to believe in the nature of things and grew up in a small Scottish town, cut off from the rest of the world. Some of my favourite memories are of being in the wide open spaces of the Scottish Highlands, either with friends or alone, observing the wildlife, the trees, the landscape and the smells, sights and sounds that were present.

To me, this is life. An exploration of our natural world that offers a two way process of experience. A shared connection that exists if we can gently observe our surroundings and each other 

I am an experienced Mental Health professional, with 15 years experience of delivering and developing mental health interventions across a variety of sectors and settings. I have worked for NHS Scotland as a Guided Self Help Worker and Trainer, for various charities as a Senior Wellbeing Practitioner and Alongside Mindfully Wild, I am currently employed by the Government of Jersey as a Mental Health Practitioner and Social Prescribing Lead.


I am trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), to Postgraduate level and since 2009 have been training in Mindfulness based interventions such as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness based Nurturing Parents. 

In 2016, I began formal process with the Bangor University Mindfulness Teacher Training Pathway which means I am following a thoroughly researched, rigorously tested and evidence based process to my being a Mindfulness Teacher. I am proud to have been taught in this way. I am supervised regularly by a Supervisor from the Mindfulness Network and I adhere to the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses.



With Mindfully Wild,  I provide education, facilitate groups, deliver one to one interventions and help develop/consult with organisations on the topic of mental health and nature connection.

The mixture of my being an experienced Mental Health professional, having been brought up in a wild landscape and with my good fortune to travel has led me to create an overarching intention of education, interventions and guidance on this wild world and our mental and physical health.

My experiences are extremely varied and don't generally fit any mould.

However, I think what best describes me is that I am 'adventurous'. I am trained in numerous mental health interventions and have a lot of experience in this area, however, what I have also experienced is working as a fish farmer, a greenkeeper, a photographer and a plumber. I have also competed in a number of physical events:

  • I was one of the first people to have run around the Channel islands (110 miles) in 3 days.

  • I have ran several ultra running events

  • I have competed in various multisport (kayaking, running, climbing, cycling) events.

From experiencing these events, working in other areas, travelling and of my 15 years experience in mental health, I understand the mental and physical needs that are required to both compete, but also to 'connect' with people and our natural world and of the benefits that can come from this.

I create opportunities to engage, educate and narrate our connection to the natural world through teaching and education on both doing (activities) and being(our senses) and of the psychological interactions that take place that can affect our wellness.

Adventuring, for me, creates the intention behind the services that I provide and they are just as adventurous in that I provide them in various, flexible and agile ways, utilising our natural world and running what I can in the outdoors. That is not to say that a classroom, office space or conference room cannot be just as adventurous,  Its all in the intentions. All of the services that I deliver will have a fundamental baseline of mindfulness and mental health

I am able to offer bespoke types of Mindfulness workshops, Educational sessions, Consultation or creative collaborations on numerous topics surrounding Psychology, Mental Health, Nature and Connection. For you or your business, I can run sessions online, outside, indoors, whatever is suitable. I have numerous years of experience in delivering different formats in different settings and can meet your needs.